RGM Alliance (RGMA) has quickly grown to become the largest and most effective brand safe platform for advertisers to reach specific audiences on high-quality online publications that are fully transparent to the advertiser with no hidden sites.

RGMA provides a "Best of Both Worlds" solution by fusing the benefits of site-specific advertising with those of a traditional ad network.

Our premium-only collection of publishers combine to provide a total reach of 144 Million influential consumers with higher than average levels of discretionary income and propensity to spend.

RGMA member publishers are pre-screened on five key attributes prior to inclusion: Brand Integrity, Site Content, Audience Quality, Ad Placement, and Ad Performance. Our model provides effective reach to specific target audiences while engaged with premium, brand-safe content.
RGMA offers 14 pre-defined channels based on content, demographic and audience profiles.
Affluent, Arts & Entertainment, Automotive, Business, Fashion & Beauty, Female, Food & Wine, Health, Home Décor & Design, Lifestyle, Male, News & Info, Sports & Leisure, Travel.
In addition to the standard IAB advertising units, RGMA offers High-Impact and Rising Star units at scale for both desktop display and mobile. Synched Ad Roadblocks, Site Skins, Push Down Ads, Full Page Video Interstitials, Floating Page Overlays, Microsites and Sweepstakes and a full-suite of mobile smartphone, In-app and tablet custom solutions.